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The Super-Naturally series:

reliable how-to resources for sustainable handmade soap and chemical-free skin care

Available since March 2013

Focus of the Super-Naturally series is to expand on the huge success of Soap Naturally to provide even more complete information and resources for those who want to make as natural as possible handmade soap, aromatherapy skin care, light footprint bath & house cleaning aids.

Authoritative, concise yet exhaustive, and small in price at only $19.90 RRP, the first two volumes in the series provide aspiring, new and expert soapmakers with effective know-how as the key to discover the secrets of reliably successful soaping results.

Already published in the Super-Naturally series

The Natural Soapmaking Handbook: how to make soap... any way you like

Book details:
Marina Tadiello, Patrizia Garzena
ISBN: 978-0-9874995-0-9 [9780987499509]
Language: English
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The Natural Soapmaking Cookbook: 77 star recipes for superior, skin-friendly, eco-friendly handmade soaps

Book details:
Patrizia Garzena, Marina Tadiello
ISBN: 978-0-9874995-1-6 [9780987499516]
Language: English
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