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The Natural Soapmaking Handbook: Colour photos
How to make soap... any way you like

from the Super-Naturally series: Making soap... naturally

The Natural Soapmaking Handbook: how to make soap... any way you like

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The Natural Soapmaking Handbook explains all you need to know to create your own as natural as possible handmade soap.

Color photo albums illustrating various soapmaking methods

Click on the thumbnails below to access each photo album:

Towards trace: thin trace

Cold Process soap

Rebatched soap

Double boiler rebatch

Preparing laundry gel

Laundry gel from handmade soap

MW rebatched soap

Microwave rebatch

Soap moulds & soap molds

Soap moulds, soap molds & soap shapes

Soapmaking tools: containers, scales, stick blender, safety equipment

Soap Naturally colour photo insert

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