The Making Soap… Naturally books now available in the UK and Europe!

Good news for European soap addicts and cauldron stirrers!  The Natural Soapmaking Handbook and Cookbook are now available from Demetra’s UK distributor, Richard Phillips of The Soap Kitchen UK.

The Soap Kitchen (2011) - European distributor of the Making Soap… Naturally books

Based in Bideford, Devon, The Soap Kitchen (2011) is a premier supplier of soap and ingredients, “completely dedicated to the crafts of soap making, toiletry making and candle making”.

As per usual in Demetra Publishing’s frugal approach, also the “European” Natural Soapmaking books are locally printed (this time in the UK) on forest friendly paper.

Visit The Soap Kitchen’s online shop for details and book ordering information: Making Soap… Naturally (and other interesting books!)

New distributor for Canada

Skin Care Naturals-New Making Soap Naturally books distributor in Canada

We’re happy and proud to announce that Jan Ferrante, of Skin Care Naturals, has now joined Demetra’s partner network.

Jan distributes the Making Soap… Naturally books from Burks Falls, Ontario, and will be filling all Canadian orders until further notice. Jan is offering both books as a bundle for $39.99 Canadian, while selling individual copies for $22.99 CAD.

Welcome Jan!

Find the Making Soap… Naturally books on Jan’s Website:

Who wants to sell the best soapmaking books?

Making Soap... Naturally books: The Natural Soapmaking Handbook, The Natural Soapmaking Cookbook

Making Soap… Naturally books: The Natural Soapmaking Handbook, The Natural Soapmaking Cookbook

DIY Cosmetics, US distributor of Patrizia Garzena and Marina Tadiello’s new soapmaking books, is looking for retailers and stockists for the new Making Soap… Naturally book series.

If you sell soap supplies, organise soapmaking classes & workshops, have an Etsy or eBay store and would like to benefit from selling the very best handmade soap manuals … then we’d love to hear from you!

Read on for a little bit of background information, or go straight to the US Distributor’s online contact form to put your hand up:

About Making Soap… Naturally

Remember Soap Naturally. Ingredients, methods and recipes for natural handmade soap, by Patrizia Garzena & Marina Tadiello?

That comprehensive soap book, first published in 2004, was soon dubbed The Soap Bible for its extensive coverage of natural handmade soapmaking. Never before so much knowledge and hands-on experience had gone into a soap book: initially shared between a dedicated community of soapers, Soap Naturally soon went on to become one of the biggest best-sellers on this topic.

Soap Naturally is no longer in print, as it’s been superseded by our more modern, updated soap manuals. And yet, pirate copies sell for hundreds of $$$ on Amazon!!

Wouldn’t you like to make some honest money from Patrizia and Marina’s thorough, reliable and inexpensive soap books? Our US Distributor is looking for stockists and resellers. Don’t wait! Contact us or go to

and put your hand up.

Earth Garden’s Good Life online bookstore now offers the Making Soap Naturally books

We are proud to announce that our books are now available also from the Earth Garden’s Good Life bookshelves. Offered as a package to maximise shipping costs (and therefore frugal choices), the Handbook and the Cookbook are offered here, under the “Soap Dish” label.

Earth Garden is Australia’s quarterly journal for the good life, providing suggestions for sustainable living to householders seeking a more eco-conscious lifestyle.

For more than 40 years the supportive network of Earth Gardeners has been guiding and reflecting the movement away from high-consumption lifestyles: discover the magazine and take the opportunity to order your sustainable soapmaking books with it!

Soap & toiletry classes

Do you run soapmaking classes/workshops, or do you know someone who does?

No matter whether in Australia or around the world, we are collecting information to start a section on our Website listing “Natural Soapmaking” classes: this is where our Making Soap… Naturally books are used as course material.

Check out our Soap Class page for a sneak peek – and let us know if you qualify, or know someone who does!

New distributor in Brisbane

Meet Corinne, our new Queensland distributor of the Making Soap… Naturally books:

     Corinne Sparks, Handmade Naturals
     7 Gladstone Road, Highgate Hill, Brisbane Q 4101
     Phone: +61 7 3846 4685
     Fax: +61 7 3846 4692

At Handmade Naturals, Corinne creates completely natural skin and body care products, and makes good ingredients available for the handmade soap- and skin-care enthusiast.

Corinne is planning to start new soapmaking classes and workshops, where the Making Soap… Naturally books will be used as textbooks.

We are proud to have Corinne on board, and invite you to visit our updated Australian partners Web page for details.

Making Soap Naturally at the annual SoapGuild conference

Every year, the Handcrafted Soap & Cosmetic Guild hosts an Annual Conference, with this year’s Annual Conference being held in Tucson, AZ on May 20 – 22.

As it happens, Tucson AZ is also home to our US distributor, DIY Cosmetics. So it was “natural” for Rebecca to offer free copies of the Making Soap Naturally books as lucky door prizes. And both books will also be available for purchase at the Conference!