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Marina Tadiello, Patrizia Garzena

Demetra authors
Patrizia Garzena & Marina Tadiello

Visit Patrizia and Marina's Website for complete information and updates

Patrizia Garzena


Patrizia moved to Sweden a few years ago from her native Alpine valley near Turin. Since leaving school in 1992, she has been working as a reporter and editor for local and international media.

In 2001, she started a new popular column in Il Biellese focussing on creative hobbies, sustainable consumables and leisureware. For some time now, she has also been Managing Editor of Signum, the magazine published by Ecomuseo (Folk Heritage Museum) in Biella.

Her articles about natural handmade soap have appeared in numerous publications, including Creare con Casa Viva (monthly magazine published by Mondadori), Casa Profumo Kit (Fabbri Editori) and Enciclopedia della casa profumata (Fabbri Editori).

An active member and mentor of Internet communities of soapers, including Natural Soapmaking and the Sapone Italian soapers' mailing list, she is a contributor of Internet portals such as Bricomedia, a popular DIY Website in Italy, and Life Gate, an important Italian-based project to promote and support zero footprint and environmentally sustainable activities.

Her Website, Il Mio Sapone, is the first and only comprehensive soapmaking resource in Italian, and is regularly being reviewed in the Italian media.

Patrizia has been actively contributing to soapmaking excellence also by sharing her expertise through soapmaking courses, both in Italy and in Sweden.

Marina Tadiello


Marina was born in Italy and has lived in Australia since 1997.

With a background in business management, predominantly in the film promotion and nature conservation areas, and as a specialised translator of technical and educational books from English into Italian, Marina has developed a deep understanding of method research and analysis, as well as of the use of the written word to communicate and educate.

Her passion for eco-friendly sustainable alternatives, coupled with her commitment to unbiased, original research and attention to detail, "naturally" brought her to handmade soapmaking and chemical-free skincare. In parallel with the development of her own natural soap business, AquaSapone, she has been one of the pioneers and crusaders of the recent world wide growth of the interest in homemade soap. Her highly respected Natural Soapmaking (formerly Soap Naturally) Website & mailing list attracts thousands of unique visitors a day and has achieved a widely recognised international standing, with a growing audience of enthusiastic soapmakers. Regarded as a world expert when it comes to sustainable handmade soap, her instructions for various soap making methods are widely quoted (and often plagiarised) on a large number of Websites and Internet mailing lists.

Besides the books she wrote with Patrizia, Marina has authored a frugal/sustainable cooking how-to in Italian, La cucina salvatempo (Time-saving cooking).

Patrizia Garzena and Marina Tadiello have co-authored, in Italian, three more books on soapmaking, natural skin care and sustainable home care.

Patrizia and Marina's Italian books are described at (in Italian).

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