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about Demetra

frugal publishing for a healthier world

Demetra is an independent Australian print and Web publisher focused on sustainability, self-production, frugal living, lean and green practices.

With steps that leave light footprints in the environment, our activities promote responsible choices, conscious alternatives, minimal-impact options, always supporting ethical authors and partners putting integrity in front of mere profit.

Our frugal philosophy brings to life purposeful and meaningful information resources, where paper and cyberspace are not wasted in empty-but-good-looking containers: this text-based Website well illustrates our principles, as do our books.

We publish our books in Australia and make them available world-wide through our international partners network and distributed printing facilities. All our books are printed in Black&White on forest-friendly paper, and produced as close to their distribution areas as possible to keep our overall footprint as small as possible.

Find out why the FSC logo (Forest Stewardship Council) is not displayed on this Website.

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